Must Have iPhone Accessories That You Need to Purchase in 2017

iPhone’s are an amazing piece of technology due to their wide range of abilities, however there are some things that they just cannot do by themselves. For all of those extra purpose functions that you want to add, there will be an accessory for you. View the best car accessories.

Charge your phone anywhere & on the go

More and more people are beginning to buy portable chargers so they can charge their phone when the battery runs low. It is extremely useful for those that travel a lot and don’t have access to a plug socket.

We recommend investing in the Anker Astro E1 as it balances power, size and price extremely well. The portable charger will build enough charge so it can charge your iPhone 6, 3 times. More information here.

A true balance between style and functionality

Every single phone case should incorporate both functionality and style. Always choose a phone case that represents you, whilst ensuring it protects your phone from all those drops and bumps.

Why not go that extra mile and create a iPhone case that represents your favourite things. It could be your children, family, boyfriend/girlfriends, friends or even your pet. You can even have them all if you really wanted with Wrappz’ clever design system. Design an iPhone case with 15% off.

Personalise your iPhone case hereAn accessory that captures your pictures perfectly

A selfie stick is one of the greatest things you can take photos with. 1 because of it allows you to capture the background in, something that our arms won’t allow us to do. 2 because it allows you to upload photos there and then (Bluetooth only). Need more information? Contact us.

The PerfectDay Selfie stick is one of the best on the market, mainly because there is no battery meaning you won’t ever have to charge it. So, take your selfie stick with you wherever you to capture the best photos. Learn how to selfie here.